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Employer Sponsored Childcare

Corporate daycare

Employer sponsored childcare is great for employees and employers alike. Childcare in the workplace increases employee retention, job satisfaction and offers good return on investment. Because in many cases both parents are needed to work even after the birth of a child, corporate childcare is an excellent option. Onsite corporate daycare centers let workers have peace of mind and know that their child is cared for even when they are not being looked after by themselves. Breast feeding mothers love the options for onsite care for ease of feedings, and infants continue to have this bonding time with their mothers.

Employer sponsored childcare pays off for employers because those that offer onsite PA childcare have more loyal employees, who are less stressed and more productive. Many people who work for companies offering employer sponsored childcare loves that they have the ability to be close at hand to their child. Pa daycare centers can serve children as young as a few weeks up to children up to twelve years old. Infant care involves enrichment and basic care for the children, while employer sponsored childcare for school aged children more involved supervised play and work periods. Helpful info also found here.

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