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Bill Mullen Electric in Drexel Hill PA


Bill Mullen Electric

4005 Redden Road

Drexel Hill, PA 19026


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Bill Mullen Electric provides quality, personal service for all your home and business electrical needs. Fully trained and licensed personnel deliver cost-efficient electrical repair and services to new and old homes in the area.

Those Looking to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Can First Consult Experts Like Brian L Katz

Brian katz

In life, people will make some big financial investments that will require a great deal of planning. One of the biggest investments that the average person makes in their life is purchasing real estate. The process of purchasing real estate can bring about a range of feelings for individuals. Initially, there is of course excitement because it is a major life moment that usually marks the start of a new chapter. However, it is not uncommon for people to eventually feel quite a bit of stress during a real estate investment due to the complications that can arise. Purchasing commercial real estate can bring about such anxieties because it is both a literal financial investment and an investment in the belief that the business will do well. But this process does not always have to entail so much stress. Learning how t

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Don’t Let Constant Neck or Back Pain Affect Your Life Try These Treatments

Yoga for scoliosis

Did you know that 80% of adults will suffer from at least one episode of significant back and neck pain during their lives? There are a number of contributing factors leading to back and neck pain, and some can be more serious that others. However, the majority of these complications can be prevented or treated by making minor adjustments to your life. If you frequently suffer from back or neck pain, keep reading.

Most back and neck pain episodes can be attributed to living an unhealthy lifestyle, sleeping in awkward positions, using a mattress or pillow that provides little support, or a combination of all three. If you experience an episode of pain in the back or neck upon waking up, try preventing this pain by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, consisting of regular exercise and a healthy diet. In addit

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Three Ways to Save on Homeowners Insurance

House insurance quote

In these turbulent economic times, many people need to know how to save on homeowners insurance, as it’s one of the most necessary expenses they can have. After all, knowing how to save on homeowners insurance will not only save large sums of money down the line, but it will also save homeowners a lot of grief!

1. New Wires in Your Home.

Old wires can lead to house fires. The U.S. Fire Administration reports that home electrical problems result in 67,800 home fires, 485 deaths, and a whopping $868 million in property losses just in a typical year. Home wiring as estimated by the USFA, causes twice more fires than electrical appliances. If your home is old, then installing new wiring can qualify you for more credit, because it eliminates some of the risk of your home.

2. No

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Why Are So Many People Building Their Own Custom Home?

Jackson hole log homes

Many people nowadays are wondering whether they should buy a home, or whether they should get a custom built home. As the mark trudges its way out of stagnation, people are beginning to explore more of their available options, rather than buying the cheapest house that they can find, because they’re seeing the many advantages of having a custom built home.

The biggest advantage afforded by a custom built home
is that it’s built to your individual specifications. Custom home designers offer floor plans that are designed with the buyer’s specific vision in mind, and can be changed as the building progresses. These custom built homes are unique, designed with only what th

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