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Those Looking to Invest in Commercial Real Estate Can First Consult Experts Like Brian L Katz

Brian katz

In life, people will make some big financial investments that will require a great deal of planning. One of the biggest investments that the average person makes in their life is purchasing real estate. The process of purchasing real estate can bring about a range of feelings for individuals. Initially, there is of course excitement because it is a major life moment that usually marks the start of a new chapter. However, it is not uncommon for people to eventually feel quite a bit of stress during a real estate investment due to the complications that can arise. Purchasing commercial real estate can bring about such anxieties because it is both a literal financial investment and an investment in the belief that the business will do well. But this process does not always have to entail so much stress. Learning how to invest in REITs can be beneficial to those going through the process of buying commercial real estate, and expert Brian L. Katz can help.

Any property that is used strictly for business purposes is considered commercial real estate. Typically, commercial real estate consists of office space, industrial property, restaurants, retail buildings, or multi family housing units. A real estate research firm known as Real Capital Analytics recently revealed that in the United States, more than 160 billion dollars of commercial real estate properties are now in default or foreclosure. Because of this, it is recommended that investors have advisors that can help them handle their commercial property investments in order to get the most profit out of them.

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Economics, Brian Katz went on to earn a Masters of Real Estate degree from John Hopkins University. Capital markets, acquisition, leasing, asset management, and development are the areas of commercial real estate that Brian Katz specializes in. Additionally, Brian Katz can help individuals learn how to invest in REITs to help ensure a commercial real estate purchasing purchase that does not entail some of the stress that can occur.

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