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All About Small Hose Clamps

Worm gear hose clamp

There are many different hose clamp sizes that are appropriate for some jobs and not others. This article will seek to illuminate the proper uses of small hose clamps, heavy duty hose clamps, plastic hose clamps, and silicone hose clamps. Should you have any questions or concerns about which small clamps or large hose clamps are appropriate for the work you are doing, it is a good idea to ask your local hardware store owner. he will surely be able to help you.

Small hose clamps are devices that are used in order to attach a hose to a fitting, i.e., a barb. There are a few diverse models of small hose clamps. One trendy type of hose clamp is a spring clamp. These small hose clamps are typically made out of spring steel having been sliced into a strip. On one side of a spring clamp is an end placed protuberance, and on the other side there normally are two adjacent protrusions. Spring clamps are typically worth using in tiny spaces where larger hose clamps would be almost impossible to tighten up. Thus, spring hose clamps are the small hose clamps most often employed as a means of securing barb connections in PC water cooling radiators, or in certain kinds of automotive engine bays.

Small hose clamps are an amazing invention that has been necessary to the growth of the modern plumbing and automotive industries. Without small hose clamps, modern sinks and vehicles would not exist as we know them today. That is definitely something to remember the next time you are looking for small hose clamps at your local hardware retail establishment.

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