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You Do Not Have to Face Toxic Black Mold Alone

Hamilton county water damage

I did not get excited searching “mold remediation Cincinnati” because I was not excited by the stretch of black, toxic mold that seemed to stare back at me. I know that mold has no eyes, but I swore it looked like it wanted to pick a fight. My stomach lurched and the disgust carried me to the computer.

I found a company that deals with damages of all kinds, water, fire, smoke, mold, you name it.

This company taught me that toxic, black mold is a greenish kind of blackish, gelatinous mold that is, quite commonly, slimy in appearance. The “mold remediation Cincinnati” guys asked me if this was similar to the expanse of filth that I had discovered in my home. I swallowed the bile and nodded.

The “mold remediation Cincinnati” guy I spoke to nodded and said that he was glad I came. Toxic, black mold needs to be evaluated professionally. In fact, five percent of people have apparently experienced an allergic reaction to mold in their life time as well, which made me wonder if this had been the cause for the post nasal drip I experienced as of late.

Good. Great. Whatever. I just needed it done. The “mold remediation Cincinnati” guy was empathetic enough. He understood my troubles, nodding appropriately and handing me a business card.

When the mold was gone, he said that it had been a result of some extensive water damage. Great. Now, I needed to find “water damage Cincinnati” guys. Or maybe I needed to find water damage restoration cincinnati” guys since it was all “extensive.” I think he saw the look of frustration and panic on my dumb face, because he reassured me that he could take care of that, too. That he was not just my “mold remediation Cincinnati guy” as I had obnoxiously been referring to him. He could be my “Cincinnati water damage restoration” guy as well.

I thanked him, and he reminded me of the importance of his job. There are different methods of water removal, and each is used after different accidents and according to their approximate extent of damage, like a flood versus a leak. Apparently water damage restoration is a vital procedure when needed because of the potential of water damage not only because it damages the structure, but it could also bring back that infernal spawn called mold.

I shivered and thanked him.

If anyone has had an experience like my “mold remediation Cincinnati” one, I encourage you to share in the comments below.