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Self Storage Pods: One Less Thing to Worry About

Since moving is already stressful enough, the introduction of self storage pods to quickly transport your belongings from one location to another has quickly gained market share and a major following in the industry. Self storage pods are ultimately portable shipping containers, so the added convenience is a key factor in why these may be a helpful investment for your move.

Self storage pods are great for a move, business warehouse storage options, storage for home remodeling or access clutter, or unexpected events such as fire damage or flooding.
When shopping for your self storage pod company, there are a few things to consider in your search process:

Determine what type of self storage pods and services you will need.

Are you using them for stationary storage? to move things from one place to another? to move them and then store them? Self storage pods serve a variety of functions that are attached to a variety of prices, so be sure to decide what it is you will need them for before setting out on your search. This will help eliminate out of budget pods or self storage pods that do not serve your purpose.

Ask a ton of questions.

Remember, this is your stuff, or things related to your business, so asking a lot of questions to ensure that your belongings are handled properly and safely should be important to you. Ask questions about storage space size, storage security and insurance, lease length, storage facility temperature controls, and moving services will help eliminate any unwanted charges or surprises.

Finally, be sure to ask your neighborhood or town about self storage pod regulations.

Some neighborhoods and cities do not allow them on a homeowners property, so be sure to handle this before you move. Having somewhere to put your things, but not your self storage pod would be a potential mis step in any moving process.

Whether you’re looking to move to a new place, or make space in an old one, self storage pods are an effective, affordable option. Use word of mouth and internet searches as resources to begin your process, and take some added pressure away from your move.

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