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How To Start An Office Weight Loss Contest

Weight loss challenge ideas

Getting everyone on board with healthy eating habits and exercise is great, but what about the idea of starting an office weight loss contest that everyone can participate in? A weight loss contest being held in an office can help coworkers to keep each other inspired to continue staying in good health, and may be able to produce better results than individual dieting and exercise alone. When you are considering different methods that you can use to get your group motivated and on point, then consider an office weight loss contest as one of the more interesting ways of doing so.

It is a good idea to speak with a legal department about your office weight loss contest before you begin, so that you get an idea of just how healthy the actual contest itself will be for everyone involved. You want the office weight loss contest to be a fun and engaging activity, but not something that people will starve themselves for. To get the most out of the contest, work closely with legal and medical professionals, and get reliable sources on the best way to actually structure the office weight loss contest itself. This could include choosing to measure the results by changes in the BMI of participants, as well as setting proper dates and times so that everyone will know when to begin and when to end the office weight loss contest you plan to run.

Once you have put everything into place and double checked to make sure that it is all safe, the next step will be to look for what to add in as a prize. Depending on the budget of your office weight loss contest you may be able to plan for something really great, especially if you have a contest that lasts several months. It is usually better to offer several different prizes as opposed to one grand prize, because more winners may motivate more participants in an office weight loss contest to continue keeping off the weight. These prizes could be geared toward continued healthy habits and exercise, or they could involve other products which you feel would motivate your team. Gift cards are a good idea, especially to locations that offer healthy food. Running an office weight loss contest is a great idea, as long as you begin and end the contest along the best terms possible.

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