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DOT Compliance Programs

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The statistics of drug and alcohol abuse associated with traffic accidents and work related injuries are shocking. Business owners shouldn’t be confused or lost with how to improve their work environment by improving the minds of employees. Dot compliance programs are offered by a number of different companies that have a mission of helping business owners create a more productive work environment. There is no doubt that healthy minds contribute to productive employees, and DOT compliance programs focus on a number of different strategies that benefit both employees and a business owner.

If you’re a business owner interested in enhancing the productivity levels of your operation, then it’s highly encouraged to research what DOT compliance programs can do for you. A drug free work environment will experience less workers compensation cases and reduce absenteeism. Promoting a drug free work environment is achieved by random testing programs, which is a major element of DOT compliance programs. Every state has a certain set of rules and regulations that dictate how employees can be drug tested, and DOT compliance programs specifically follow the guidelines set by the state.

Recent studies show 571 million work days are lost every year because of alcohol abuse, and over 30 million working Americans use drugs on a regular basis. DOT compliance programs are specifically created to tackle these alarming statistics. There is good news to consider in the workplace as well. Studies show over a 50% reduction of injuries at the workplace by using DOT compliance programs for drug testing for a minimum of 2 years.

Random drug tests help expose areas of opportunities to produce a healthier work environment for employees. DOT compliance programs can actually increase a business owner’s customer retention, which eventually leads to higher profits. Finding DOT compliance programs and solutions for drug tests are easily found on the web. It’s encouraged to research all the options that are made available in order to take advantage of the programs that are used to produce a better workforce. DOT compliance training services are also available as well. The productivity of employees is one of the most important elements for a business owner to pay attention to.

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