FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2020
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Making a Military DITY Move

Dity move military

If you are in the military you can be assigned a temporary duty station (TDY), a temporary additional duty station (TAD) or a permanent change of station assignment (PCS). Now, when you get orders to move you can make a military DITY move. A DITY move is one that you make on your own. They use the acronym to denote a do it yourself military move. This type of military moving is done all the time and there are provisions for military member to use the DITY move calculator. If you want to make a military DITY move you need to get permission and authorization first. There are certain things you need to do and paperwork that has to be filled out in order to make a military DITY move.

You have to go to the Relocation Assistance Program (RAP) office for information at the family center of your current duty station. Every three years on average, the military family is ordered to make a move. Families that want to stay in control of their move can do so by making a military dity move. Once you have completed your military DITY move, the government allows you up to 45 days to submit your receipts and claim your Dity move allowance. This is where the military reimburses you for most of your moving expenses.

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