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DUI and DWI Attorney in Houston

Criminal attorney in houston texas

While the two are not mutually exclusive, DUI and DWI are two different offenses. Many people mistake the two and use them interchangeably, but DUI stands for driving under the influence, and DWI stands for driving while intoxicated. You are considered to be driving under the influence if there is evidence to support that you have been drinking or doing drugs of some kind. With this offense, the officer can charge you even if you test under the blood alcohol content (BAC) limit. A DWI, on the other hand, refers to intoxication by alcohol and abides by the BAC limits. Any detectable amount of alcohol in drivers under 21 or a blood alcohol concentration of more than 0.08 percent in a person of any age are grounds for criminal charges. Considering the seriousness of any offense in Texas, criminal attorneys in Houston Texas abound. Even bouncing a check can be considered a criminal offense in the state. Felonies are punishable by more than five years in prison, and Houston criminal defense attorneys are necessary to successfully win a case like this.

Some offenders may question if they need a DUI attorney Houston. The answer is not simple. It depends on whether this is your first offense and whether you have any other charges from the incident, such as erratic driving, endangering the welfare of a child, or resisting arrest. Of course, a DUI attorney Houston can offer is more skilled and knowledgable about the consequences of pleading guilty and the paperwork and court systems of the state, but it is ultimately up to you.

When looking for a DWI or Dui attorney houston offers a number of options, and there are also defense attorneys Houston offers that specialize in other crimes. If you are unhappy with the DUI attorney Houston offers that advertises himself as such, check out some more general criminal attorneys, as they may be willing to take your case.

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