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The Rising Interest in Jackson Hole Properties for Sale

Jackson hole realtors

Any Jackson Hole property for sale is a hot commodity these days, with the average listing price for Jackson hole homes for sale coming in at $2,401,875 for the week that ended Oct. 24, 2012. This is perhaps high due to so many wealthy people living here, with two of Forbes’ 400 wealthiest Americans for 2012 living in Jackson Hole luxury homes. But it should not deter average homeowners looking into Jackson Hole land for sale or Jackson hole real estate for sale because there are plenty of homes that fall well below this selling price.

Wyoming has become such an attractive state to live in because of its low operating and energy costs, its extremely educated workforce, and its enviable tax rates. No corporate and personal state income taxes exist for residents and business owners in Wyoming, making it very appealing. Plus, when showing prospective buyers Jackson Hole property for sale Jackson hole realtors stress just how short the typical commute is for residents: just 12 minutes. With all these benefits, it is a real wonder how the area has managed to keep its population so low.

The town of Jackson Hole actually is called Jackson, while the term Jackson Hole is actually a valley that goes on for 80 miles and stretches for 15 miles in width. This is much of the reason for the low population, since there is much natural beauty and untouched land. However, there still remains a plentiful amount of Jackson Hole property for sale for anyone interested.

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