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Two Things to Look for In a Good Employer Sponsored Childcare Program

Corporate daycare

Childcare in the workplace may initially sound like it would not work at your facility, but it really can. You may not have the first concept about where that corporate childcare facility would be located, but the Pa daycare provider you decide to work with will know. In PA childcare that is offered on site in employers’ buildings has some obvious and perhaps not so obvious benefits, so once you have weighed these it is time to look into these providers of employer sponsored childcare. And when you do, make sure any provider has the two following things available for your employees and their children.

First, the right employer sponsored childcare program should be willing to work with you on site. What this means is that your childcare will be taken care of within your company’s building. The specifics of where it will be set up can be handled later, since the corporate daycare provider probably has ideas about what works best, but if you hope to keep employees happy and able to see their kids throughout the working day, make the facility on site.

Second, the right employer sponsored childcare program will have some type of early childhood education program that is ranked nationally or that has been awarded in some way. This means the daycare providers taking care of your employees’ children during the day are doing more than babysitting them. They are there to teach them, to work with them and to prepare them for elementary school.

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