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Security After the “Bring Your Own Device” Policy

Bes security policy

Do you know how many BlackBerrys there are around the world as of December 2012? 77 million. And more than half of the Blackberrys used in business are employee owned. This is probably because more than half of employees want their IT departments to give them the freedom too choose their own devices. Some employers are reluctant to do so, because they think that it means compromising their security, but blackberry mobile device management solutions offer cost effective alternative. One reason Blackberrys are so popular is because they have a conventional laptop keyboard.

It is possible for companies to adopt a Bes security policy, sometimes known more colloquially as a BES policy, which can serve as a easy way of consolidating their workers’ mobile devices into a single cloud. A Bes policy is one of the reasons that employers are able to allow workers to bring their own devices to work.

This is probably a positive development, because allowing workers to bring their own devices can increase productivity, as long as a company’s secured information is kept under control. This is what having a BES policy can do and it is for this reason that companies that maintain a BES policy are probably more likely to succeed as the workforce becomes increasingly decentralized.

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