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Archive for April 18th, 2013

The Importance of Marketing Politico

Consultoria politica argentina

Did you know that social media is becoming an increasingly important factor in political elections? An estimated ten percent of political donations now come from people using their mobile devices. Social media can also help activate a community when it comes to getting attention or support for new laws and campaigns. It can also help draw in volunteers, as well as votes.

Marketing politico en Mexico has recently been an influential factor in several elections and public political debates and has awoken many professionals to the need to continue their education about these subjects. Many branding politico experts now recommend that individuals interested in increasing their knowledge of estrategias de camapañas electorales attend a capacitación política or comunicación política. It is possible to take cursos de comunicacion online, which makes this an accessible and affordable option for those who wish to continue working while furthering their knowledge base.

To have successful marketing politico like the one Mario Elgarresta ran for president Reagan of the United States, it is necessary that political affiliates become up to date on the latest strategies to engage the social media voters.