SUNDAY, JUNE 04, 2023
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Using Smartphones For Smart Business

Android management

Nearly half of United States cell phone users use smartphones. And 81 percent of workers in the U.S. use a personal electronic device for business. With all that crossover, it is no wonder that finding a stable, flexible, and powerful IT platform is a high priority for many companies.

Some companies are turning to Android device management, a Linux based OS common to many touchscreen devices, to conquer their IT headaches. Android in the enterprise model lets employees use their own devices for work by allowing their employers to install Android management tools on each device. This allows the company to not only monitor activity, facilitate projects, and update software remotely, but also if need be to wipe sensitive corporate information from lost or stolen devices.

The Android security model allows companies to freely and easily disseminate necessary information to employees without compromising privacy. And since the software can be applied to a wide variety of smartphones and tablets, choosing to use Android in the enterprise world simultaneously allows employees to keep their own familiar and trusted devices while saving the corporation the expense, hassle, and training required to purchase new devices for every employee. With this kind of flexibility and security, we may be seeing more and more of Android in the enterprise world. More on this.

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