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Where ISO 22000 Certification Fits Into The Picture

Iso9001 certification

Certification makes a difference for an organization. Whether it is used to guide a team of thirty, or three hundred, standards like ISO 22000 certification and As9100 certification are important building blocks toward making organizations safer, more productive, and more energy efficient. Some certification, like ISO 14001 certification, puts out criteria that an organization can follow for environmental management system improvements. Other types of certification address energy usage, food distribution, and more. When used along with HACCP training, organizations will be able to receive certification that ensures food handlers are using safe and effective practices, among many of the concerns that a company may have.

Salmonella is one of the more frequently targeted concerns in the food industry. Passed to humans from animal fecal matter and other sources, it can threaten the health and well being of the general population who rely on these food products every day. Products like chicken and fish can be targets for Salmonella infection, but there are other sources to take into consideration as well. With ISO 22000 certification and other standards, like Iso 27001 certification, it is possible to keep the entire distribution process free of errors and mistakes which could lead to a Salmonella outbreak. It is also possible to use FAMI QS, which helps to ensure the safety of feed ingredients that are part of the food chain of meat and dairy. These standards are vital for many reasons, not the least of which being that those who could become infected from a food born illness may have compromised or weakened immune systems. The elderly, young, and ill are all at high risk of danger from threats like Salmonella. With ISO 22000 certification and other standards, it is possible to reduce or completely eliminate the possibility of this becoming an issue.

Through food safety certification, you can get further control over the manufacturing of animal based products. When implemented with proper ISO 22000 certification training, Food Safety Systems Certification can address products which are perishable, meant for a long shelf life, or food additives and vitamins as well. Businesses which handle a large amount of food processing need standards like ISO 22000 certification and food safety training in place to keep production high and costly risks as low as possible. Additionally, building strong brand loyalty demands safe products on the market. With these standards in place, everyone benefits.

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