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Why Contract Compliance?

Managed care review

Why hire a contract compliance company? Well, the answer is rather easy. A contract compliance company will give your private practice or hospital the managed care it needs without the headache it can cause and the time it can spend.
In the health field, time is always of the essence. There are not the extra hours in the day to concentrate on patients, complications and your personal life, as well as worrying about revenue recovery, payment compliance, payment reviews and a managed care review. This is why you hire an expert who has dedicated their time to doing just this.
A contract compliance company will organize and review contract compliance audits on your commercial payments, managed care plans and governmental payers. It is sort of like having an accountant who will not only balance your accounts, but seek to get you the money you deserve as well.
Furthermore, you could, essentially, have your own collections agency that also puts forth the extra energy to discern that everything your company is doing is in alignment with the law. A contract compliance agent will go through your contracts and your care plans to ensure all is on the straight and narrow, while collecting money on old, difficult and complicated accounts, where possible.
A contract compliance company is a must have in the health industry and there are plenty of companies out there who will make it their plight to manage your accounts for you and retrieve money you may have lost along the way. It is a worthy investment to retrieve the money you should have received and that you have earned. Let a contract compliance company lighten your load a little bit.

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