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A DUI Does Not Mean The End Of the Road

Dui lawyer

We have all had our share of wild nights in our lives. Sometimes an evening of celebration can find its end in an extreme, and all too often that extreme manifests itself as drinking and driving. If you have experienced this unfortunate circumstance, then you know that you are fortunate if you or anyone else involved was not seriously injured.

The state does not take Dui laws in a light matter. There are 44,789 individuals in Ohio alone who have five or more OVI convictions on their records, according to the Ohio Department of Safety. Clearly, this is a pervasive issue that affects many people. If you have been arrested for a DUI, you will want to find a good lawyer…allow me to rephrase, you will want to find an amazing DUI attorney in your area.

A good amount of us who have been through this have the problem of figuring out how to find a good DUI attorney in our locale. Finding a good attorney, however, is crucial in order to get your life back on the right track. After an OVI conviction, you may find your drivers license suspended pending a hearing with the Administrative License Suspension (ALS).

When I got charged with my DUI, I knew I could not afford to be off the road. I needed to drive to work and school (both of which were a good thirty miles away from my home). This is why I was so thankful to find a great DUI attorney in my state of New York. My DUI attorney in practice made sure my license did not get suspended and I was able to continue to make it to work and class with no problems.

If convicted, an OVI offense can immediately result in six points being added to your license. At that point, if your license is not suspended, you are one minor traffic violation away from having it revoked for a year or more.

If you have enlisted a DUI attorney in excellent form, you may be able to avoid all charges and suspensions. For example, if the police did not have probable cause to pull you over (such as swerving, running a red light, or had a witness confirmation of your inebriation), your case may be thrown out.

What else can a DUI attorney in support of you do to better your chances of receiving a verdict of innocent? The DUI attorney in your case has the right to analyze any videos, contact witnesses, and challenge breathalyzer tests. The DUI attorney in charge of your case will do all in his or her power to fight for your rights.
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