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The Origins of Camouflage

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We are all familiar with nature and its own clever version of camouflage. For example, the black and white stripes in the coat of a zebra blur the outline of the animal when they run, which actually confuses predators. Owls, snakes, and chameleons are also adept masters of disguise. When it comes to man made camouflage, however, its origins are a bit different.

The etymology of the word camouflage derives from the French word, camoufler, which means to blind or veil. And in fact, the French were also responsible for the first militaristic use of camouflage. (British army units, who were the first to adopt this practice, camouflaged their rifles during the Napoleonic wars with the French empire.)

Camouflage has seen many iterations since its military inception. During World War II, aerial observations caused every nation at war to camouflage not only military targets and personnel, but also landmarks and buildings. And more modern military camouflage, which has origins from early 20th century avant garde cubist art movements, has shifted away from greens and browns to tans and browns. The latter camo clothing is representative of the landscape of modern conflicts, such as in desert climates akin to the Middle East. Military envoys often use camo truck accessories to disguise their vehicles, too.

Today, camo clothing has become a bit of a fashion statement. (Even haute couture designers have created camo clothing for fashion runways.) Camo clothing began its fashionable life the 1980s, and today, consumers can buy almost anything in camo. From neon orange, pink camo, and even bright blue and hot pink camouflage.

If you love camouflage, but wearing it is not your thing, there are plenty of camouflage accessories you can use to adorn yourself or your vehicle. Camouflage purses, camo bedding, or camo truck accessories (everything from camo seat covers to camo bug shields and camo fender flares), are also hot ticket items for those seeking a unique look. And for die hard camo fans or sportsmen and sportswomen, there are also plenty of camo wedding ideas that you can get your hands on.

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