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All of the Landscape Design Tips You Will Ever Need

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Many people are interested in finding landscape design tips online, especially those landscape design tips pertaining to the creation of a lush, green lawns. One sign that your lawn needs watering is if footprints are left on the grass for an hour or more after someone walks across it. Another sign that landscape and design must be rethought to maintain proper hydration is if the lawn color changes from a gorgeous green to a blueish gray. All professional landscape designers agree that amongst the best landscape design tips that involve watering is that every lawn should be showered with about one inch of water per week in order to stay healthy.

Watering should take place during the coolest moments of the day. The best time to water, according to luxury landscape design professionals, is early in the morning. You will never come across landscape design tips suggesting that you do your watering in the middle of the day because you will lose 40 percent more water at that time due to evaporation. Also, most landscape design tips discourage home owners from watering at night because doing so may increase the likelihood of insect infestations and fungal disease. These problems occur when flora does not have time to dry out at the peak period of fungi germination.

If you are interested in sustainable landscape design tips, you should be aware that one way of increasing the energy efficiency of your central air conditioning unit is to place it beneath a shady tree. Doing so will make the unit 10 percent more efficient. This and many other landscaping design tips can help to bring a recovery value of between 100 and 200 percent when you decide to sell your home, according to Money Magazine. Helpful links.


Caroline Sharp 07-07-2014, 19:07

I always water my garden at night, but now I will stop doing so. I definitely have noticed a lot of bugs this year, and I am hoping that changing my watering schedule will get rid of them. Thanks!

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