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Four Sources for Great Food Talk

Food talk

According to Food Research and Action Center, 68.8% of American adults and 31.8% of adolescents are overweight or obese. Because of the health crisis, more and more Americans are taking a hard look at their lifestyle and nutrition choices. The latter is one reason why running for fitness in the United States, according to Running USA, has tripled in popularity since 1990.

Running is great for getting fit, but exercise is only part of the equation. How can you improve your nutrition along with your fitness to live a longer, healthier life? By using these four sources of quality food talk.

  • Raw Foods Talk
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    Raw Foods Talk is a web forum focusing on, as you may have guessed, raw food talk. The site features sub-forums for raw recipes, gardening, the lifestyle, and the health benefits associated with maintaining the Raw Food Diet. The site is also a great source for reviews and recommendations of books, websites, and movies dealing with the raw way of life.

  • The Rawtarian
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    The Rawtarian is a website and podcast produced by raw food vegan Laura-Jane. She provides readers and listeners with a ton of recipes like vegan brownies, macaroni and cheese, and even cheesecake! The Rawtarian is different from Raw Foods Talk in two main ways. Firstly, Laura-Jane also produces a food talk show to give her fans a different, more engaging way to stay in touch with her. Secondly, The Rawtarian is a source for raw food fans that are also vegans in a way that Raw Foods Talk is not. If you want a great source of food talk that focuses on the raw vegan lifestyle, this is your best bet.

  • The Alton Browncast
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    Alton Brown has long been a staple of popular foodie media. Brown, a chef and food scientist, is well known for his cooking show Good Eats and his hosting spot on Iron Chef America. Recently, he began producing a podcast titled the Alton Browncast. The show features Alton’s take on food industry news, listener questions, and in-depth interviews with important American food experts like Ted Allen. Brown’s charisma makes this one of the best outlets for food talk radio.

  • Edible Radio
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    Edible Radio focuses on a variety of different edibles from beer to herbs to charcuterie. What really sets the outlet apart, however, is its focus on local communities creating great food and the politics that too often come with living a more sensible, natural lifestyle. For instance, Edible Radio recently did an interview with San Francisco’s “Bi-Rite”. The store, known for its emphasis on natural, healthy food, is just one of many featured to bring attention to the local movement.

It does not matter if you follow the Raw Food Diet or the “eat everything that tastes good” diet. There is a source to help you enjoy your culinary lifestyle healthfully and deliciously. Get out there and make something tasty!


Melanie Sanders 14-03-2014, 14:00

Didn’t Alton lose like…100 pounds by changing his diet and running? -LarissaT

Anna Garcia 13-04-2014, 17:41

Didn’t Alton lose like…100 pounds by changing his diet and running? -LarissaT

Kurt Harvey 17-05-2014, 17:40

Didn’t Alton lose like…100 pounds by changing his diet and running? -LarissaT

Larry Palmer 16-06-2014, 17:42

Didn’t Alton lose like…100 pounds by changing his diet and running? -LarissaT

Jack Barker 16-07-2014, 17:45

Didn’t Alton lose like…100 pounds by changing his diet and running? -LarissaT

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