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Making a Green House

Pittsburgh landscaping

Landscape design is a fairly old tradition. In fact, it goes all the way back to the days of the Roman Empire when villas sprung up all over the countryside as well as in places like Britain and Spain. And landscape design is about much more than planting a few trees. It is about some of the key facets of engineering as well.

For example, retaining walls have to be carefully engineered to ensure that they can overcome or constantly resist the encroachment of gravity. That is why there are international building codes to ensure that retaining walls be designed to ensure the stability of the ground that they are holding in and never give in to the pressure.

A landscape design company is usually familiar with these codes, and landscaping designers will know how, precisely, to work these codes into a difficult environment. One thing about landscaping is that it is as important as your bathroom or your kitchen, and it should be treated with as much respect. Landscape designing should give just as much detail to the great outdoors as it gives to the indoors.

If you properly place plants, they can actually lower the cost of heating and cooling your house by as much as one fifth. The reason is because they break the wind. Furthermore, a tree can take in about 11,000 miles of car emissions in carbon dioxide every year. That means that a landscape design program is not just about you, it is about being socially responsible. Social responsibility is one of the keys to being a part of a community. But the good thing about being socially responsible through landscaping is that you are lord of your own domain. No one has to tell you what to do with your property. You can select the trees that you want to plant on your own. People are doing that now more than ever before and you can be one of them. For more information see this:


Gene Robinson 03-07-2014, 13:30

Planting trees is a complicated thing, though. Among other things, it is complicated because people don’t take into account the energy cost of putting the tree in the ground and watering it also.

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