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The Need For Financial Literacy Grows More Urgent Daily

Wedding on a budget ideas

According to the Superior Telegram, a Wisconsin Newspaper, reported that a local teacher received special training from a finance training company to help her students learn about consumerism, budgeting in the real world, credit education, money and inflation. These finance training topics and concepts will help students connect their materials with the real world issues, so that they learn the material better, and become more money savvy.

Annamarie Lusardi, the director of the Global Center for Financial Literacy at the George Washington University, testified before an important subcommittee that “he vast majority of Americans do not have the financial knowledge they need to fully participate in the economy or to make informed decisions about their own financial futures.” The sheer implications mean serious complications for the country’s economic future.

A basic education from a finance training company is growing more and more important for the average American, and not just for investors. This education goes beyond the scope of learning a smart way to save money, or having family budget ideas, or receiving online financial advice. An education from a finance training company helps the average American family balance its budget, purchase a home, fund schooling and ensure an steady income when the parents retire.

It’s particularly important for parents to receive an education from a finance training company, so that they can teach their kids the proper financial literacy tools. According to a report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, many money habits are set by the time a child is just seven years old, which makes financial education all the more pertinent, and urgent.

Most Americans do not have the necessary financial education to help themselves. Basic financial training can help families, and the economy, to survive. If you have any questions about the education you can receive from a finance training company, feel free to ask in the comments.

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