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Cook Hispanic Delights at Home

Flan recipe

Did you know that, according to research firm Packaged Facts, the Hispanic foods industry earned $8 billion in 2012, and profits are expected to surpass $11 billion by 2017? With tacos, empanadas, quesidillas, chilles rellenos, flan, torta, and flautuas, Hispanic foods promise rich flavors, exotic spices, and a welcome change from bland dinner and dessert menus. How do you get started, and prepare some of your Hispanic favorites at home?


Two of the most iconic and easy-to-make Hispanic foods include arroz con pollo and enchiladas. Arroz con pollo begins with chicken and rice. Chefs typically add garlic, tomatoes, onion, and variety of seasonings.

Enchiladas date back to ancient Mayans, who first began wrapping foods in a tortilla of sorts. The word enchilada comes from the Spanish enchilar, which means, literally, “to add chili pepper to.” Today’s enchiladas consist of tortillas stuffed with beans, meats, vegetables, and spices. From there, they are typically garnished with lettuce, onions, salsa, chili peppers, olives, cilantro, cheese, or sour cream.


Although Americans may be most familiar with spicy Hispanic foods, there are a number of delectable Hispanic desserts. One particularly sumptuous recipe, or tres leches cake recipes, call for three types of milk. Bakers pour condensed sweetened milk, whipping cream, and whole milk over a prepared cake, giving it a rich, moist finish. Some varieties top the rich tres leches cake recipes off with chocolate or fresh fruits.

Flan, a soft custard covered with a thin layer of caramel, is another Hispanic favorite. The dessert, translating roughly to creme caramel, requires a steady hand and exact baking temperatures. Some bakers choose to add fresh fruit, and the custard can be baked in specially-shaped molds.

Hispanic foods sell quickly. Enjoy all Hispanic spices, flavors, and unique desserts from home. Get started by re-creating some of the most iconic Hispanic dishes, including arroz con pollo, enchiladas, tres leches cake, and flan. Learn more about this topic here.

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