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Five Quick Ways to More Stylish Dorm Rooms

Dorm room organization

You just lugged all your earthly possessions up three flights of stairs to your new dorm room. You are bubbling up with excitement at the possibilities that await you. You open the door to see it for the first time and…it is absolutely tiny. How the heck are you going to fit all that stuff in one half of a closet?

The secret is to find a setup that works and also provides you with one of the most stylish dorm rooms on the entire floor. Make your room exactly how you want people to feel when they enter it: happy, bright, colorful and fun. Here are five tips for achieving the most efficient dorm room organization while still keeping some of your essential style.

1. Save space.

Your number-one priority in a dorm room is storage, so you have to maximize what you have. Bring collapsible shelves and fold-up tubs to keep all your clothes that will not fit in a dresser or on hangers. Hang a pocketed shelf on the back of your door to keep all your shoes in. The most stylish dorm rooms find cute and discreet ways to keep your stuff out of the way.

2. Beds and bedding.

When it comes to dorm room supplies, your bedding comes at a premium. Go colorful. Go adventurous. Get patterns and fun colors you will want to wrap yourself up in every night. In addition, when discovering how to decorate dorm room seat sacks, get the most unique designs for the most stylish dorm rooms in the building.

3. Line up the desks.

Your desks can be cumbersome, awkward obstacles to stylish dorm rooms. Move them out of the way and push them up against the wall, side by side, in order to give yourself more room to work with in the center. Get small desk chairs and chair organizer pockets in order to prevent clutter around the bottoms of them.

4. Aim high.

If your school allows it, loft your bed and put your desk underneath. This gives you a neat little alcove where you can work and still have a bit of privacy. If you cannot loft it, bunk it. Stack your beds and see how much bigger your room will look with all that open space.

5. All about the rugs.

In the most stylish dorm rooms, nothing ties the room together better than a solid rug. Opt for Eastern designs or cool, funky patterns to liven up the dull linoleum floors and bare brick walls. Hang a tapestry. Go for posters. The more colors you have, the more inviting and lived-in your room looks to you and to visitors.

There you have five top tips to get the most stylish dorm rooms. Remember, it is all about experimentation. You always have to do what is true to your style.

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