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How Can We Better Prevent Construction Related Fatalities?

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One of the biggest reasons that traffic safety gear and traffic safety supplies like construction cones, metal detectable pens, long cuff nitrile gloves, and metal detectable ear plugs are so important is that annually in the United States, 1,000 construction workers on average die as a result of accidents on the job. Many of these deaths could be prevented if construction cones were properly installed and placed at roadside construction sites. Most constructions companies follow safety regulations pertaining to construction cones. However, occasionally workers forget or are too busy to put out the proper number of construction safety cones, resulting in needless fatalities.

According to OSHA reports, a whopping 10 percent of all construction workers are injured on the job every year in the U.S. This is why OSHA recommends that traffic safety gear, including construction cones, be made out of fluorescent orange and red or yellow and green retro reflective materials to facilitate traffic workers being seen by drivers in areas with low visibility. As well, OSHA recommends that construction workers wear bright traffic safety clothing that is vibrant enough that the worker can be seen by drivers 1,000 feet away.

Construction noise can also interfere with the ability of workers to hear warnings about possible impending accidents. In the United States, the four major materials from which ear plugs are created include foam, silicone, flanged material, and molded plastic. The combination of ear plugs, fluorescent clothing, and construction cones can make a huge difference in regards to the safety of workers at construction sites. Therefore, it is imperative that construction crews follow OSHA recommendations and protect workers by using these items. Read more here:

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