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Are You Thinking About Investing in Commercial Cleaning? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

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One of the best things that you can do in order to give a great first impression in a business situation is to invest in commercial cleaning solutions. Making sure that your office space is always looking amazing when people come will help them to be able to focus on the services that your company offers. If you think that hiring commercial cleaning contractors is the best solution for your company, then here are a few important facts that you need to know first.

Commercial cleaning solutions is a fragmented industry since no company holds more than 6 percent of the entire market. This means that the top commercial cleaning companies often offer their services at vastly different price points. If you are looking into hiring a company for your company, then it is important to shop around to get the best service at the best price.

Did you know that only about 25 percent of office workers believe their offices are being cleaned effectively? If this is the case in your office, then the very least you can do is look into office cleaning tips and tricks if you can not afford commercial cleaning prices.

Commercial cleaning companies often capitilize heavily by adding exterior cleaning services. Because of the fact that pretty much anyone can run a vacuum at the end of the day, but very few people can wash the exterior windows of an office building, this is a great money maker for these companies.

In 2002 there were 50,998 commercial cleaning companies in the United States according to the Census Bureau. This number has only gone up as more and more businesses need professional cleaning services. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage for a janitor was 10.68 dollars. Depending on the cleaning service in question, the people who do the cleaning work might actually make more money. This is usually the case in the smaller commercial cleaning businesses. Find out more about this topic here.

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