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How Marketing Techniques Are Relevant to Your Vet Clinic

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In-between trimming nails, avoiding jaws and claws, administering vaccines, checking ears, tongues, teeth, paws, and noses, it may cross your mind that you really don’t have any time to get a veterinary clinic website up and running. It may be that once you have a website, you will feel more pressure to engage in some veterinarian marketing, and that simple fact is keeping you from taking the leap. If you don’t have a website, then what need do you have to worry about marketing? While this is strictly true, it’s not productive for your business.

There are companies that specialize in creating vet websites, taking that burden off of your shoulders, but how will you incorporate veterinary marketing ideas once the site is launched? Fortunately, many web development companies can help with that goal, but there are steps that you can take as well in terms of tying in social media, and blogging to your website.

Think of social media as your digital reception area.

Approximately 54% of people who own small businesses know that their social media skills need improvement. One thing that you can do is treat your Facebook, or Twitter profiles, like your reception area. They are places where you can meet new potential customers, share a few quick words with current customers, get an idea of who is interested in which services, and how satisfied your customer base is. Social media works best when you use it to communicate with other people. You can even think of your messages to the general public like the little signs that might be out on the reception desk. For example:

  • Don’t forget to spay and neuter your pets!
  • Ask us about tick prevention!
  • Do you know what heartworm infection looks like?
  • Share a picture of your pet with us!

These messages can help spark conversation online just as they do in your office. However, it’s important to not use social media as your soap box for bigger issues. If you want to take a stand on something, do it on your blog.

Think of blogging like the digital examination room.

The examination room in your clinic is where you will have longer discussions with clients about the importance of certain treatments, about their questions as pet owners, and about what your particular clinic can do to help them and their pet. Your blog is a great place to market your business and prove that you are knowledgeable in your field. More than half of all businesses with a company blog have been able to acquire a new customer through blogging, and you can too if you keep the content engaging and informative.

Avoiding the website to avoid the marketing may be one way to keep your stress levels down, but entrusting both activities to professionals is an even better solution that doesn’t hamper your business. Be sure that your website reflects the blog and the social media, and have someone in your clinic monitor both for comments and conversations. Approximately 24% of people will talk about services that they have used by posting reviews and comments online. These veterinary marketing tips will help to drive more people to your website, make your website a more vibrant source of information, and establish a viable connection to you and your practice. Helpful sites.

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