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How Will Technology Change Politics in the Future

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Political campaign marketing is as old as politics itself. While the goals are the same, to get your candidate elected, the tactics have changed. One of the biggest reasons for changes in the way campaigns are run is the advent of new technologies.

For example, the invention of the railroad allowed politicians to go on so called “whistle stop tours” via train. This allowed candidates to give stump speeches to many more people than they otherwise would traveling by horse or boat.

Another major technological invention that would change political campaigning was the invention of the radio. Radio would prove important beginning in the 1924 United States presidential campaign between Calvin Coolidge and John Davis. After radio came television. The first president to take advantage of television was Dwight D. Eisenhower. Eisenhower created several 20 second television commercials entitled, “Eisenhower Answers America.”

The next major moment in the history of television and politics came in 1960 when Richard Nixon debated John F Kennedy live on television. According to polls, those who listened to the debate on radio believed that Nixon had performed better, while those who watched on television believed Kennedy had won. The difference in opinion appeared to come down to the fact that Nixon appeared pale and sickly during the debates which distracted television viewers. As a result, many political experts believe that the debate is responsible for turning the election in favor of Kennedy.

Today, television political advertisements are a major type of campaigning. During a presidential campaign, candidates will spend millions of dollars on television advertisements alone. With the advent of the internet, political marketing firms are trying to figure out how to best utilize it to affect political campaigns. If you are interested in political marketing jobs, then search online. More can be found here.

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