FRIDAY, JULY 30, 2021
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How Safe Is the Glass In Your Car? – Fast Car Video

The video starts by explaining the definition of everyday glass. The glass that you see is an abrasive that is heated to a minimum of 2800°F. The car’s windshield has the ability to take more than 2000 pounds of force, making it stronger than normal glass. The glass doesn’t break like regular glass, yet it doesn’t shatter when you apply force to it.

Your windshield actually has two layers of glass and the vinyl layer in between. Have your mechanic explain the situation when you take the windows of your vehicle for repair. Vinyl is what makes everything stick together.

Your windshield differs from the windows of your car. It doesn’t have the layer of vinyl that is between them, and when it does break it is broken into small pebble-sized pieces, to keep your face safer. The glass is created and made safe by using a procedure known as “tempering.” wnl11srh97.