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A Behind-the-Scenes View of Cremation Services – E-Library

The video that is on this page provides viewers with a peek behind the scenes at the cremation process. services.

In the beginning, the hearse comes with the body and an array of family members. The casket, or coffin that holds the body is brought into a chapel for the funeral service. If the family wishes for an open casket funeral, they may also choose an open funeral for the casket.

Following the funeral and the funeral service is over, cremation begins. The coffin is then taken to the crematory. There, it is taken to a cremation chamber. Contemporary cremation chambers feature temperatures that are controlled to make sure it is a successful process.

After the funeral has been complete, the ashes should be separated from any other ashes to be collected and stored in containers for cooling. After they have cooled enough to handle, they can be placed into the proper storage containers for the family. Then, they are packed with the information of the deceased individual.

The ashes are kept in a safe place along with appropriate paperwork until family members arrive to take them from the crematorium. dtqkjmslec.

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