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What to Look for When Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney – Legal News Letter

Take it out of the way. There are some important aspects to check for in an estate planning attorney prior to hiring one. This video provides a brief explanation of the key things you should be looking for in an estate planning attorney.

The first and most obvious aspect to be looking for is a specialty for estate planning. Just like physicians, lawyers can have different specific areas. If you were to break your leg, you wouldn’t go and consult the hand surgeon. Similarly, you don’t want using a criminal defence lawyer when trying to make a plan for your estate.

Next, consider the experience of the attorney. There is a good chance to look up their educational background, but the truth is most that an attorney is taught can be learned while working in particular in the area of estate planning. Find someone well-versed in your area, and has been practicing for some time.

It’s crucial to be aware that the more senior and proficient an attorney may do not mean that they’re the perfect suit for you. Another aspect worth considering is the cost. If you want to know their costs, take advantage of the complimentary initial meeting with lawyers. In the initial consultation you’ll be able to talk with them and gain an understanding about their personalities.

To learn more you can watch the video above.


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