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Summer Home Improvement Ideas to Keep Your House Cool During the Hot Chicago Summer – Skyline Newspaper

. In the event of purchasing one, be sure you purchase one that’s ENERGY STAR certified since that classification requires that the roof have the ability to cut down peak cooling demand by 10% to 15%.

According to Fixr the median cost for cool roof installation ranges from $7,500 to $35,000. A 1500-square-foot roof using white solar-reflective architectural shingles, you can expect to pay about $10,000. Similar to that, roofing with a low pitch and one-layer PSF roofing would run around $6000. There is a need to remember that you have other options for cooling your roof, other than a replacement. Insulation is one of these alternatives. It is recommended to consider roof insulation for ceilings that are included in the deck of the roof, as is the case with cathedral ceilings. Another option for cooling your roof is cool roof coatings, coated metal roofs, and Ballasted roofs.

2. Insulated Siding

The DOE suggests that homes be properly insulated starting at the roof and ending at the foundation in order to achieve the highest efficiency in energy use. Local siding that is insulated has become an extremely popular option to add insulation to the exterior walls that a home. An option that is popular with homeowners is to install vinyl siding that has foam core backing. Insulated siding prevents thermal bridging. This happens when energy is lost from conductive materials like wood studs. About 25% of all homes are constructed of wooden studs. This would be the equivalent of a whole wall without insulation. According to the DOE, exterior sidings must be replaced with insulation.

Newport Ventures found that air infiltration is reduced by installing weather-resistant barriers and vinyl siding on old houses. The average savings in energy was 5.5 per cent. A boost in energy efficiency is possible by decreasing air infiltration. This is especially true with regard to the 35% of energy goes through walls. The roof is responsible for another 25%. Insulated siding is constructed with high-quality material, therefore it offers better protectio


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