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Benefits of Keeping Your Roof and Gutters Well Maintained – Concordia Research

They’ll be in excellent state and in good condition. Clean gutters that funnel water away from your foundation mean that there is adequate drainage around your home to keep the yard from getting flooded by water in rainfall. An enviable, well-maintained roofing system shows potential buyers that you care for not just the interior, but also the exterior, and that’s true curb appeal.
3. It increases the value of your home

It is common for gutters and roofs to be neglected in projects for home improvement. Roofs protect your home against damage by water. But, a roof can also increase your home’s value. As per American Home Association estimates that the replacement of your roof or gutters might increase the home’s value by at least $10,000.

Gutters are an investment that will provide an investment return. Properly installed gutters will prevent expensive water damage as well as material replacements. Most home buyers are willing to skip roof maintenance, and can afford more gutters. A sturdy metal roof and appropriate gutters can make your home attractive to prospective buyers.

This will help you to earn more when you sell your house. This is certainly an added benefit but it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll miss some of this added value if you sell your home before you have completed the roof or gutters work. So make sure you complete the two essential home improvement projects prior to putting your home to the market.

There are several different materials available to select for roofing. Though there are lots of options, one material can appeal to certain consumers. Shingle roofs are the preferred choice of numerous people because they appear more natural and appealing over tiles. Shingle roofs offer more protection from freezing rain than tiles.

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