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MDM Policies Can Help You To Bring All Mobile Devices In Line

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While having a BYOD policy might seem like a great idea for your business, studies show that 71 percent of businesses that use such a concept have no MDM system in place to protect their data or interests, which would just be downright silly for your business. MDM stands for mobile device management; and at its core, it is a software as a service model that can work with smartphones, tablets, POS devices such as portable RF units, and any other type of device that hooks into a network. While BYOD can certainly help your business reach its goals and you should support this idea, it is also important that you protect your business’s interests and integrity, which is why you need device management software in place from the beginning.

IBM conducted a survey in which they discovered that roughly 75 percent of IT supervisors prefer the use of BYOD concepts because it can vastly increase workplace productivity. In fact, as long as your MDM plan is solid and your company is flexible, you could easily increase the productivity level of your employees by 20 percent through such initiatives. With proper MDM software fully integrated with all company and employee owned devices, you can step back and allow employees the creativity they need to do their jobs better.

Using an MDM system that compliments your network in the cloud is a smart idea because this will make everything far more accessible and help your IT people to easily integrate all mobile devices into your company’s systems, even those under the BYOD model. Once everything is integrated, not only will mobile device management become easier from an enterprise standpoint, but will also greatly improve communication and data accessibility. This should help to greatly increase the performance of your staff.

Using mobile device management systems to keep tabs on things will also improve the performance of IT team. This is because MDM concepts give them access to every phone on the network at once. With that kind of access, they can easily catch problems early as well as perform global updates without breaking a sweat.

Promoting safety and productivity through the use of one idea will help your business in many ways. This is exactly why mobile device management is so crucial to your company’s lasting success. With the right plan in place, you will be able to accomplish greater things.
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