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Supermarkets Stock Various Hummus Brands

Easy hummus recipe

The Guinness World Record for hummus dip is impressive. The largest prepared dish of hummus according to them, had 8 tons of chick peas in it, 2 tons of sesame paste, 154 pounds of olive oil and 2 tons of lemon juice. Guinness recorded the weight of this flavorful dish at 4 tons. Do you realize that is about how much 4 cars average size cars weigh? That is a lot of hummus. Chickpeas were a favorite food of the ancient Phoenicians, who brought them with them to the Middle East about 7,000 years ago. Today we can find all kinds of hummus recipes, but the first documented recipe for hummus dates back to 13th century Egypt. Your favorite store bought hummus brands use most of the same ingredients as they did back then too.

Various recipes using hummus are on the internet that use fresh ingredients, like red pepper, garlic, pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and various spices. People love hummus and will serve hummus dips and pita chips at all kinds of social gatherings now. There are a number of different store bought hummus brands on the market now too. You do not have to make your own from scratch. One of the best tasting hummus brands is the Sabra brand. Various guacamole brands are for sale in supermarkets as well as salsa brands for classic or spice fresh guacamole, which is another good alternative dip to serve if you do not want to serve dairy based dips.
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