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What a Recruitment Agency Can Do for Your Sales Team

Career in sales

Running a business requires you to essentially become an octopus. You have to have eight arms, continuously controlling a vast array of different operations at once, all the while ensuring the work is getting done accurately and on time. Between payroll, scheduling and other general management issues, it is a true wonder that you find the time to get any real work done at all.

This is why it is absolutely crucial for your sales team to be completely independent in securing a viable base for your business. You want the strongest workers possible, of course, but who has to time to handpick each member of the team? The answer is a recruitment agency, and here are four ways these companies can end up being your secret staffing weapon:

1. The data does not lie.

Take a look at the sales professionals in North America. Each year, 40 percent of them will not achieve their quota. Another 22 percent come in completely untrainable, and only 10 will actually produce a return on investment. Though the numbers do not lie, you almost wish they would, as they could present a better picture. However, easy as it might be to land a job in sales, what a recruitment agency can do is ensure these professionals are actually in it to win it, not just to tag along behind the serious workers.

2. You will lose your best.

Every year, the turnover rate for sales professionals hovers around 40 percent. Say you finally lock down the right combination of people who truly play off of each other after years of missteps, and then a few leave because of better opportunities. You cannot afford this, which is why having a recruitment agency hiring sales reps just might end up saving you big in the long run.

3. You will not have time to accurately judge.

Sales jobs require excellent written and verbal communication skills, so you want the candidates who best bring these qualities to the table when you hire them. The problem is: between all your routine operational tasks, you may not have time to pinpoint these exact qualifications in some of your applicants. But a recruitment agency can. Think of these firms as extra sets of eyes looking for great-caliber sales reps just for you.

4. Remember expectation versus reality.

You might consider yourself a hawk, always on the lookout for the right team members. But it will not take much more than a warm handshake and a smile to fool even the most stoic of hiring teams. This is why a recruitment agency spends large amounts of time and resources looking for those who are real, who can exemplify your vision and help your organization reach its fullest potential.

What a recruitment agency cannot do is perform the tasks for you, but it can find the strongest, most hard-working individuals who will. After all, it takes a cohesive, skilled team to move all the independent parts and a talented manager to see them all unify in motion. Ease the burden on yourself. Hire a recruitment agency to help accelerate your business. More can be found here.

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