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Immigration and Personal Injury Attorneys

In the past three years, nearly three quarters of new residents in the US came from Asia or elsewhere in North America. If you or a family member is trying to immigrate to the US, hiring an immigration lawyer may be able to help to increase your chances of success. Immigration can be a long and complicated process, so having someone with experience preparing immigration applications may be able to help you navigate the process.

An immigration attorney can help you to create your petition for citizenship or a visa and to help you to make a high quality petition. These lawyers stay up to date with immigration law, which changes frequently, to help their clients keep their applications in conformity with it. Many immigration attorneys speak other languages to help immigrants who do not speak or are learning English, like Spanish or French speaking lawyers. Last year, 600,000 new US residents were married, so family based immigration is a common pathway to immigration in the US. An immigration lawyer should have experience with this common type of immigration.

If you have a personal injury claim that you would like to prosecute, there are many lawyers available that specialize in personal injury claims. Personal injury claims often hinge on technical aspects of specific situations in which the injury occurs, so you should find a lawyer that has experience with the specific type of personal injury claim that you have. Over half of personal injury claims are related to motor vehicle accidents, so many personal injury attorneys will have experience with injuries related to car accidents and the technical considerations that underlie these law suits. If you have a more specific kind of injury or claim, try to find attorneys that have demonstrated experience with your type of claim before hiring a legal representative. Helpful links:

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