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Planning a Massage? What Should You Expect?

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Body rubs are almost universal methods for improving the health of the body. From massage to reiki healing to acupuncture, almost every culture has some sort of body rubbing process intended to promote physical health. In July 2011, almost a quarter of women and 13% of men had reported having had a massage within the last year, an hour of which is said to provide the equivalent of a full night’s sleep to the body. Massage therapists offer a number of varieties of massage including acupressure, chair massage, myofascial release, ayurvedic, deep tissue, sports, Swedish, shiatsu, and trigger point therapy, though some are more popular than others. Generally, they are expected to improve the flow of lymph through the body, relieving aches, pains, and even flu-like symptoms. Here, we’ll look at the ten most popular types of body rubs.

  1. Swedish Massage Therapy is the most common type of body rub in the U.S. Therapists use long, smooth strokes, kneading, and circular movements on top layers of muscle using lotion or oil. It is considered to be one of the most gentle and relaxing types of body rubs and is often recommended for first timers.
  2. Aromatherapy Massage utilizes essential oils intended to address specific health needs. Particular oils are supposed to relax, energize, reduce stress, increase balance, and perform a number of other functions. Lavender is one of the most popular oils used in aromatherapy massage.
  3. Hot Stone Massages involve the placement of heated, smooth stones on certain points of the body in order to warm and loosen tight muscles. Massage therapists using hot stone massage sometimes hold stones and use them to apply gentle pressure. Generally, this method is used for people with muscle tension who prefer lighter massage.
  4. Deep Tissue Massage is supposed to target the deepest layers of muscle and connective tissue. Therapists using deep tissue body rubs apply slower strokes or friction techniques across the grain of the muscle, relieving chronically tight or painful muscles, repetitive strain, postural problems, or injury.
  5. Shiatsu Massage is a form of Japanese body rub that uses localized finger pressure in a rhythmic sequence on the parts of the body used for acupuncture. Each point is held for two to eight seconds.
  6. Thai Massage aligns the body’s energy through gentle pressure on certain points. Compression and stretches are also used to promote the body’s health.
  7. Pregnancy Massage is specially designed for expectant mothers. Therapists focus on positioning the body properly and modifying techniques to reduce stress, decrease swelling, relieving aches, and reducing anxiety and depression.
  8. Reflexology is sometimes called foot massage and involves applying pressure to certain points on the foot in order to improve the health of certain organs and systems in the body.
  9. Sports Massage is designed for athletes and focuses not on relaxation, but on the prevention and treatment of injury and the enhancement of athletic performance. Strokes are usually faster than Swedish massage and facilitated stretching is often used.
  10. Back Massage is a good first step for those interested in massage. Typically only 30 minutes long, they are often offered as samples by massage therapists.

Massages are ideal for those interested in relieving tension and promoting health. Call a spa or massage therapist today to schedule your own body rub. You’ll be hooked. For more information see this.

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