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Archive for September 23rd, 2021

What Is DAF? – UNM Continuing Education

DAF can be used to treat many tough-to-treat chemicals. In the case of wastewater, it’s hard to take out the total suspended solids (TSS) Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) along with oils and greases(OandG). They can pose grave dangers to the infrastructure of the wastewater treatment facility if they aren’t removed. Through dissolved air flotation small bubbles of air are utilized to separate the solids and liquids. They could be made up of oil, algae or any other kind of substance. Microbubbles and solids that result from this will usually be denser than the water. They will then rise to the surface and be easy to remove. They should be tiny in size and shouldn’t exceed 30-50 microns. Then, you must quickly release them in the water. They will attach to solids in this manner. It’s not easy to make the most effective use of the the dissolving process of air flotation. Experts often need help. DAF is an efficient way to clarify and purify water when done correctly. 4q7625ce7w.