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Archive for June 2nd, 2013

Read This Before Seeing A Dentist Fredericksburg VA

Cosmetic dentist in fredericksburg va

It’s not unusual to worry about wooden teeth when you think about seeing a dentist Fredericksburg VA, when you consider the mythology that surrounds George Washington, it’s only natural. But the fact is, George Washington’s teeth weren’t really wooden. They were actually forged from gold, ivory, lead, and a combination of human and animal teeth. And this fact has nothing to do with any Fredericksburg va dentist other than a random fact you might be able to tell them. It’s not something that you should be concerned about when you go to see your dentist Fredericksburg VA.

Most of us know that dentistry isn’t a branch of medicine that is limited to the cleaning and cosmetic care of teeth, but also the oral cavities, gum issues and underlying health concerns that affect the mouth and the surrounding structures. Luckily, for dentists we are not Armadillos and we do not have a 104 teeth, and we can easily care for our teeth with a nylon brush rather than the boar hair bristles that were popular up until the late 1930’s. Now, that’s something to ask your dentist Ferdericksburg VA about. Why boar hair bristles?

Questionable cleaning products aside your cosmetic dentist in Fredericksburg VA, Woodbridge VA dentists, or even just your family dentist will give you plenty of guidelines and advice on how to carefully and thoroughly care for your teeth as it is the goal of every dentist VA, to ensure that you’re taking the proper preventative care of your teeth. Though new technologies in dentistry have rendered George Washington’s teeth obsolete, it’s in the best interest of your dentist Fredericksburg VA to ensure that your teeth will last you a lifetime.

One of the easiest ways your dentist Fredericksburg VA will tell you to care for your teeth is through your diet. The diet is one of the most easily controlled ways of preventing cavities and other forms of tooth and jaw decay. Maintaining control on your sugar intake, making sure that you don’t smoke and getting enough calcium in your diet are sure fire and easy ways to stave off the destruction of tooth decay. It can even be rewarding when cheeses such as gouda, muenster and aged cheddar are all known to stem the tides of tooth decay. Your dentist Fredericksburg VA is more liable to help you decide what dietary changes will have the greatest impact on the health of your teeth.
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