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Archive for June 5th, 2013

Five Things to Understand about Bad Debt Recovery Options

Do it yourself debt settlement

What is bad debt recovery? Bad debt is usually defined as being debt accrued from a credit sale that the creditor has been unable to collect upon. It occurs when the debtor has declared bankruptcy, or when there is no point in trying to get collection when the pursuit of it will cost more than the actual debt. There are many companies and organizations looking to assist with bad debt recovery. If you are attempting to reach a debt collection solution, what are some things you should keep in mind?

First, small businesses in particular rely on healthy income flows in order to stay alive. The US Small Business Administration has shown that about half of all new businesses fail within five years of opening. Bad debts can sometimes be the difference between making a profit and making a net loss for a month or year cycle. For this reason, it is important for businesses to understand their bad debt recovery options.

Second, There are two common methods of accounting for bad debt. One is allowance, in which the asset is removed from the books, and the other is the direct write off method.

Third, there are several options available to parties interested in pursuing business debt recovery. There are many companies that can investigate debtors to find assets and have them locked by an attorney if they are found, so that they may be taken. They can also practice wealth management for the found money.

Fourth, many debtors are open to agreeing to a do it yourself debt settlement, in which you will lose some money, as you would by selling off the debt to a collection agency, but you will gain some of your money back. Debt settlement solutions are often the best thing that a creditor can hope for after the debtor has already defaulted once.

Fifth, when companies practice bad debt recovery via debt recovery solutions, they send a clear message to consumers that defaulting on payments is a serious issue that will be dealt with, not ignored. Get more here: