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Archive for June 18th, 2013

Heating and Cooling Homes During Hurricane Season

Hvac virginia beach

S.F. Markham, British scholar, wrote in 1947 that America leads the way in air conditioning, this centurys greatest contribution to civilization. Heating and cooling Virginia Beach may be the regions most satisfying endeavor. Keeping your air conditioning running during hurricane season may just hinge on having home generators for home electricity outages.

Speaking of innovations, the Romans may have had aqueducts, drainage systems and sophisticated plumbing, but they did not have a solution for hurricanes. Robert Heinlein, famous science fiction writer, summed it up best, “Climate is what you expect, weather is what you get.” Your portable generator could be the saving grace as the hurricane season evolves.

An Hvac service virginia beach can give you the insights into your heating and cooling Virginia Beach, and they can provide guidelines for your home generator. One of the biggest considerations in choosing a home generator is in determining your needs for heating and cooling Virginia Beach. They can walk you through the power and size needs based on your home and electricity needs.

The generator fuel supply is another major consideration when thinking about maintaining your heating and cooling Virginia Beach. There are various fuels available and various tank sizes that determine how long your generator can run without having to refuel. In addition, they can look at your home venting, as part of the HVAC system, to understand any safety issues from air quality. This efficiency in venting will also help maintain a comfortable temperate regardless of whether you are running on generator power or not.

Finally, speak with your professional heating and cooling Virginia Beach companies about the various code and safety issues. Some municipalities may have restrictions on stationary generators and necessitate using a portable generator. They can consult on the proper requirements to connect to your home electrical system. Also, they may be able to offer protected control panels for operation during inclement or extreme weather. Finding the right generator solution will insure proper heating and cooling Virginia Beach, regardless of the weather outside.

Three Things to Keep in Mind for Burglar Alarm Systems

Burglar alarm monitoring

There are many aspects to protecting your home that you need to think about when you are a home owner. Security is one of these things. Did you know that single family, detached homes are the residences burglars are most likely to hit? It is important to have home burglar alarm systems that will protect your belongings, and your family as well. What are some things to keep in mind when it comes to looking for quality security systems?

First, did you know that the typical burglar lives within two miles of their victim, and might even be acquainted with them? This surprising fact underscores a function of home security, in that, unlike pets or people, alarms are not lulled into complacency by way of trust. When a burglar is a neighbor, it increases the likelihood that vigilant neighbors will write them off as harmless. On top of that, the average burglary takes place during the day. This might seem antithetical to the scare stories of burglars in the night, but it does make sense. What time are you and your neighbors least likely to be home? For most families, daytime.

Second, there are many options for home burglar alarm systems. What many people might not realize is that DIY, or Do it Yourself, alarm systems are an option that will save you money on installation. In addition to that, there are also wireless burglar alarms. Although these need to have their batteries replaced every so often, they are useful because unlike a wired alarm system, it is harder for criminals to disable the pathways that alert others to your intrusion.

Third, an important aspect of ensuring home safety is being open about the fact that you are using home burglar alarm systems. Sometimes people prefer not to display the signs or stickers they have saying they are using home burglar alarm systems since they are not so picturesque. This is a mistake, however, because some burglars are deterred by the sign alone. Remember that a typical burglary lasts from 90 seconds to 12 minutes. If the alarm does not go off until they are in your home, they might decide they likely have enough time to make off with several items you own.