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Archive for July 14th, 2013

What you should know about oil change

Get an oil change

Many car owners, especially those who know more about cars than the average Joe, will tell you that they have managed to keep their car in its best condition by regular oil change. They will tell you that even if their cars are several years old, they run as smooth as the day they drove it out from the dealers. And they will tell you that this is because they change oil at the right time and that they use the right automotive motor oil prescribed for their vehicles. As such, changing your oil at the right time and using the right automotive motor oil are the best ways to keep your car running in its best condition. Now, here are some facts that you will find useful about your oil change.

First, how often should I change my oil? The 3000 miles rule is not really a rule. It is only a guide. The best answer i

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