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Archive for July 25th, 2013

SEO Reseller Programs That Will Benefit Your Company

Outsource seo

Trying to boost your business but not sure how? Need to invest on updating your online marketing and social media? It may be time to consider hiring one of the many seo resellers to help!

What is an seo reseller? Seo resellers offer programs that teach and guide your business how to bring more traffic to your companies website and to achieve high rankings fast. With many tools and tutorials, seo resellers can do wonders for any company or business.

Social media marketing is a huge part of society today, and not enough companies take advantage of what media marketing can offer them. Most consumers now are shopping online, and not just simply online, but through the different social media platforms available to companies and consumers, so many more clients can be reached through use of social media marketing.

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Understand the Role of Deep Hole Drilling

Cnc tooling

When deep hole drilling and deep hole boring is necessary, choosing demand special tooling and techniques help get the job done. Using heavy duty precision boring heads and tool presetting machines can help reduce finishing cost and cycle time. A precision tool system is the solution for drilling, rough boring, finish boring, milling and tapping.

Customers of these tools, which include Er collets, end mill holders, retention knobs, tap adapters, tool setters and more, include those in machine building, auto, and aircraft industries, as well as machine tool manufacturers, tool and mold makers, and job shops that equip their machining centers with boring heads and t

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How Good Are You at Selling the Bottom Line?

Executive recruitment firms

Those working in an executive sales career group knows how important it is to find and hire sales people or hire a sales career rep. Headhunters and people in executive sales groups should be careful about finding the right people for the right job.

Some people argue that sales are the most important part of the business so it’s important for those who find sales people find ones who have strong sales abilities. Here are some key qualities that strong salespeople possess.

Confident. Executive search groups who are hiring sales reps are looking for people who ooze an air of positivity and confidence. They are the people who smile in the face of adversity, know how to get down to brass tacks and finish a sale. Read more ...