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Archive for July 19th, 2013

Litigation Advice Anyone Can Afford

Free litigation advice

Did you know that the top attorneys in the United States can charge in excess of 1000 dollars per hour? In fact, almost all of the larger law firms in the United States charge their clients at least 200 dollar per hour! Although everyone has heard all about the high costs of legal fees, chances are that most people would still be shocked by the outrageousness of these numbers.

While lesser known attorneys will charge as little as 50 dollars per hour, that is still over 100k per year with a 5 day, 40 hour work week, and two weeks of vacation per year. Of course, not all of that money goes directly into the pocket of the attorney, but we also know that most attorneys were far more than 40 hours each week. However you slice it, attorneys fees are usually much more than the typical American citizen can af

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New to the Internet? Three Things You Need to Know About Search Engine Rankings

Ranking in search engine

Do you know why you need a stellar Google search results ranking? If you do not know off the top of your head then stick around and get yourself some internet education. A good ranking in search engine results is about more than just being popular. Sure, you want people to see you when they peruse search engine ranks but there are better reasons than just wanting to be seen.

1. More views, more customers, more business.

We will pretend that you own a shop that specializes in boutique cupcakes. These are really special cupcakes, with exotic flavors, exceptional design, and really over indulgent packaging. You have a fantastic product but you are concerned that you are three months in and you are only j

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Need News Sales Reps? Recruitment Firms Can Save You Time and Money

Recruitment agencies

Looking for salespeople?

As in other fields, some of the most valuable resources for finding new employees are recruitment firms and executive search firms.

Sales definitely has its problems. Researchers have discovered that only 20 percent of leads are put to any kind of use, and forty percent of salespeople in North America do not meet their sales goals. In fact, up to 22 percent are considered untrainable and a mere ten percent will result in a return on investment or ROI. So how can you find good sales representatives?

1. Avoid Limiting Yourself

When hiring sales people, experience is not key. Current sales agents can act as mentors or help wi

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Getting Your Website the Popularity it Deserves

Resell web design

Over 75 percent of people who perform a search online never look past the first page of results. How can you be sure your website gets on that first page? Through Seo, or search engine optimization, this can be possible. Since a search engine optimization lead has a 14.6 percent close rate as opposed to the 1.7 percent close rate of print advertisement, it is almost a necessity for a company to have a strong internet presence. Seo reseller programs can help any website become more easily searchable on search engines.

Resellers are able to work your

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